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4 Thought - Channel 4

Wadell Media (UK)

5 x 2min films. TX just before the 8pm news.

Everybody needs to eat, but for many people of faith, food is much more than an indulgence or simple nourishment. Most of the major religions have rituals and rites revolving around food, making a clear link between physical and spiritual sustenance. This week 4thought gains exclusive access to a cloistered monastery where nuns bake communion wafers for use in Catholic masses in Britain and abroad and meets a Muslim family staying true to the Quran in the growing of organic produce.

Rebel Geeks - Al-Jazeera English

Banyak Films (UK)

The maker movement is promising to reshape our relationship with the design and manufacture of computers and electronic devices by bringing a DIY approach into this field that has - so far - remained the exclusive domain of big industry. At the heart of this revolution is the Arduino - a tiny, sky blue circuit board, created by one Massimo Banzi

Earthrise - Al-Jazeera English

Banyak Films (UK)

5 x 20min presenter led tv show

Earthrise is Al Jazeera's award-winning environmental show exploring the most significant threats to our planet by highlighting eco-friendly solutions from around the world. earthrise brings you the stories of those who strive to improve our quality of life and reduce our negative impact on the earth. 

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